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Kids Version of Facebook


he emerging scope of social media has engaged each and every age group toward itself and people has made it a part of their life to stay up to date about what’s going on in the other’s life. It is very common among teens and elders. They use Facebook in their daily routine, but along with them kids also want to be part of the social media. Parents are getting worried about kids who are using Facebook with age less than 13. Facebook is for the kids above 13 but who can stop them before 13. It will make them more conscious about using it to see what is hidden inside it.



Latest version of Facebook for kids

There is a latest version of Facebook’s social network designed for kids less than 13 who can stay connected with their friends without watching anything that is not good for them. This latest version of social network is going to be a blast in a few years among kids. Parents are not going to stop them using this social network as it is going to be monitored by them. Yes, it will be supervised by all the parents and schools so that they stay away from all kinds of suspicious things that may distract the kid from the right path.

Netokids the social media for your kid

Firstly, if was launched it as “Nipagesh” it means, let’s meet in Hebrew. There is a new latest version of Nipagesh which is actually the latest version known as Netokids. To get access your kids will need a code from their teachers and parents will supervise it. Now your kid will stay connected with other kids and they will be able to share their ideas and will be able to chat without any problem.



Approved by the ministry of education

This social media are approved by the ministry of education which makes you feel safer when your child is using a new platform of social media. Along with the chat and sharing your kid will learn a lot from the Netokids. It will be a helpful material for your kids to access new educational material for learning, different interesting projects.

This is a good environment for you and your child where your child is going to learn a lot about the growing technology by sharing experiences with other kids under the supervision of you. So no need to worry about it anymore your kid will be using a good source of social media within safe hands.

If you will look for the present studies then you can find that allowing kids under 13 for using the social media sites like Facebook and other websites that are designed for the kids can make them safer internet visitors. Well, there are many studies done to find out why kids should start using the site like Facebook and others at this age. However, parental guidance is also needed when they surf through these websites. And this is always advised. As these social media platforms are constantly used to share content, thoughts and other elements online, kids can also sue them to appear as a better and safer internet surfer further. There are many internet experts who have also mentioned that already there are so many kinds around the age of 13 using Facebook and other social media websites. So, if your kid belongs to this age group, then allowing him to use these websites is not a wrong idea at all. The best part is that the makers of these websites also know that their sites are constantly used and visited by the kids. They have not only announced such online portals to do business.



Rather, these sites can also be used by the kids to share their things with their friends and others. These sites have also appeared as a great way for kids to stay in touch with others. They can use such web portals to enhance their knowledge base and periphery about different things. And when there are laws that allow kids fewer than 13 to use websites like Facebook, parents can really feel safe while allowing their kids to use such site at home.

From technical perspective, if you are aging around 13, then you can easily join Facebook. But when parents want their kids to join this website, they first need to create a secure network that can be first used by the kids. As they are new to this world, you need to create a secure network for them where they can share things and can communicate with others. The best thing is to allowing them to communicate with the dad and mom. This can be the right start for them. You can also enhance their network while adding your other relatives whom your kid knows. This will create a vital and secure network for your kid and can offer him right start while using Facebook.

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