Techeadline | Growth Of The Smart Wearable Industry
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Growth Of The Smart Wearable Industry

 Trend is technology that is hard to ignore is wearable devices. Starting from the first wearable fitness tracker, there has been influx of devices that can be fitted on the body and used for various applications. They are no longer limited to the health industry. In fact, the possibilities have grown and are now limited to the imagination of the developer and user. This is applicable to all industries and it helps a great deal. This is a very important thing. This is a technology that is growing with time and things are changing very fast. Cutting across the lines in all the industries. This is a very important thing and people need to know that this is a very upcoming industry.

The first point of understanding is the working of a wearable device. It is often quoted as a great example of the Internet of Things. They are physical objects and are embedded with items that help them collect data, analyse it and provide immediate results. A wearable device is able to share this data with other devices and use it to create information for the user. You will find them fitted with sensors, electronics and software for varied purposes. It is used in various industry and this is growing that is the best part about it.



As of now, the current crop of wearable technology can be put into two major categories. These are:

  1. Personal Usage

In this case, the technology is worn by a single user and the main requirement is data for personal requirement. They are generally synced with another personal technology so that it remains private. A lot of the data can be shared if needed, mostly with other users. This is a very important thing and privacy is a very important issue, which has to be kept in mind.

  1. Business Usage

Wearable technology is used to send data from one end to another. It allows for seamless exchange of information, monitoring specific issues and communication. There is also a chance of using it for data mining. This could be dangerous and hence needs to be kept in mind and could be very dangerous and hence needs to be prevented as you do not want the important information to leak anywhere else. Hence whether you are having personal use or professional use no matter what you need to be careful and that has to be kept in mind, but this is an amazing technology and has got very great future and new things are coming up each day based on this, now let us look at some of the new things which are on out based on this.

There are many different ways in which wearable technology is used.

Fitness Tracker – Used to read the body movements and metabolism, this helps wearers know more about their activity levels throughout the day. It promotes general fitness and can help doctors collate accurate data on their patients. This is a very important things and people need it in the world of junk food when people are eating things which are not good and they need to keep in check on their weight and other things this comes in handy.

Sport Tracker – Used by athletes to read the vital signs of their body and performance over time. The data is plugged into a system that can show the overall gains made by the athlete and areas of possible improvement. Certain fitness trackers come under the umbrella of fitness trackers. This is a very good device and you will enjoy every minute of it, it is made well.

Synchronization Tracker – Often used as a way to make communication and data available in different gadgets. A good example of this is the smart watch. It is able to get data from a smart phone and show it in small bits as per the requirement of the user.

Health Monitors – Specific health conditions require constant monitoring. Since it is difficult to hospitalize patients each time they need a check-up, these can provide doctors with a way to monitor them remotely. People with diabetes, heart conditions and dementia are the main users.

Communication And Media – These gadgets are able to provide enriching and entertaining media on the go. They also help in improving communication in areas where landline and cellular network is unavailable

The smart wearable industry offers a host benefits to users.

  • Patients that are currently using assisted living services or need constant healthcare receive care in a manner that provides quality of life as well.
  • Wearable technology is non-intrusive and can be used as part of the fashion industry to promote a better living.
  • Big data can be amassed from the wearable and analyzed for improvements in lifestyle and communication.
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